jueves, 23 de junio de 2011

The Lost Canvas

Every woman wanna be treated with much love, because the flavor is so special of be loved is how the wine, a woman doesn't love per love prefers a feeling knows very well that if the lie to the heart the suffering is bigger.

Every man wanna be with the woman of his dreams, you should to believe in your heart and express to the woman how much do you love.

The love is complicated, we never will understand it, everybody had chosen their way, and you must to be sincere, without this is impossible for you accomplish your mission.

The love is how a mountains, you always climb and climb, it's so difficult, but the reward is bigger, logically you tried to choose the correct woman, if you don't do this, only spend your time.

If do you wanna go only for a carnal passion, is your election, but I think is so empty, only spend time, and maybe you enjoy the pleasure, will come the time when you'll need much more, a emotional connection, a partner, a friend, a woman what loves you, the beauty will finnish in years, and when it will happen what now?, you see the aspects what you never see when you are young, because when you are young, never think in the future.

Don't allow what the custom destroy something so marvelous, and difficult to find, think what your couple, would be your another half of the orange, clear, if you have bad experience, maybe is better a time alone.

Our society is materialist, and very sexual, this makes what the highest levels of divorces, you should be mature, remember, nothing is forever, but you must to fight for your happiness.

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