viernes, 24 de junio de 2011

Believe......... or not believe?

Much countries in the world say "I believe in the democracy, liberty and peace" when all is pure hypocrisy, the human search to limit the liberty of the people, and usually sold how democracy really an electoral act, ALL IS LIE.

Another say, what they are defendants of the Human Rights, when practice repression against the people and prohibit the free manifestation, in Libya case, we can watch the hypocresy, the NATO says that defends the human rights of libyans when they make a bloody war, then in really is a coup against Gadaffi.

Is illogic say we defends the human rights when explodes bombs and kill innocent people for the only ambition OIL.

All says what their objective is the combat against the hungry, when the majority part of the planet, suffer hungry, talks about the children, when much have hungry, haven't education, work in early age, they're exploited, suffer sexual violence, and used how puppet for the politics.

The developed countries presumes their money, when in this countries many people live in the poverty, suffer economical crisis, and poor, spend the money in wars.

Many people say, about the ecological situation of the planet, when uses cars and eject pollution.

Many say shut down our cellphone for one hour, by the Planet Hour, when they have many cellphones.

Almost people enter in moralist profiles of Facebook, and follow the campaigns, but in other side, DO NOTHING in the real life.

Almost people think, they're with God because, assists to the church, when the church not come with their, only go to the church isn't guaranty of the eternal life.

Other people say love for the neighbor when, they in a few minutes insult another person, or supports coups and wars.

I'll never understand the people, says one thing and do the opposite.

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